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St. Josephs Primary School, Antrim

100th Day of School

26th Feb 2021

Although this year has been another strange one it still didn't stop us celebrating a century of days at (home) school!

As always, it was based around numeracy and especially the number 100.

In Primary 6B we played a hundred square game. We estimated how many dice rolls it would take to get to or past the number 100...then we had a go!

We also had a challenge where we had to do as many activities in 100 seconds as possible; these included physical exercises like star jumps and ball bounces, as well as reading and writing words. 

With that data we then created bar charts which reflected our individual results. Some children formed them online using a website link, whilst others did it the old fashioned way...on paper - both look terrific!

Check out some our our pictures below...