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St. Josephs Primary School, Antrim

Fairy Tales -The Gingerbread Man

6th Oct 2015
Fairy Tales -The Gingerbread Man

In P2 our first theme is Fairy Tales. After reading the story of The Gingerbread Man, we decided to make our own gingerbread men. It was great fun! We found a recipe on the internet and wrote a shopping list for Mrs Mulholland. The next day we gathered all the ingredients and equipment we needed and got started.

Baking is hard work; we had to weigh our ingredients, mix them, knead the dough, roll it and finally cut out our men. While we were waiting for them to cook, a few volunteers helped Miss Rowan with the dishes.   Prisha checked the gingerbread men after 15 minutes baking in the oven and they were just perfect!!!!

When they had cooled we decorated them with icing and lots of other goodies. A group of girls guarded the men in case they came to life and ran away. Luckily they didn’t!!! At home time we all took a big bite of our gingerbread men. They were delicious!!!!! The next day we wrote instructions on how to make gingerbread men, now that we are experts.