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St. Josephs Primary School, Antrim


12th Feb 2016

In January and February we were learning all about the topic 'Globetrotters'. In class we were reading the novel 'Flat Stanley' by Jeff Brown. We made our own Flat Stanley's which We posted to friends and family all around the world. We have enjoyed receiving replies in the post and by e-mail which have helped us learn about different towns, cities and countries all around the world! Thank you to our friends and families for their replies!

In our topic we have also been learning about the continents of Africa and Australia. We were able to use non-fiction books to create fact files based on African animals. We have also learned about landmarks, geographical features and some of the people who live in these continents.  In Numeracy we were learning about area and we were able to measure the area of different African animals footprints using non-standard units.

In our role play area we created an airport where we were able to buy and sell holidays to our friends. We also explored traditional African instruments and created iStopMotion movies based on African animals. We have Really enjoyed learning about other places in the world. Look at our photographs to see how busy we have been!