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St. Josephs Primary School, Antrim

Home Learning 22nd - 26th June

17th Jun 2020

Week 13 Learning Activities

This is our final week of school.  We would have been playing outside, meeting our new teacher and having our last farewell at the class party. We have included some fun activities this week and some end of year booklets. 

During our class party we would have had our annual” P2’s Got Talent” show.  It’s something that we always look forward to.  This year we are hoping to have it virtually. We are asking everyone to please send in a little video clip or photo, of something that your child is proud of or has achieved this year.  These can be things like singing, dancing, art work, reading, writing etc.  I would ask that all clips/ photos be sent by Thursday 25th and we will post our final movie on Friday.


My End of Year booklet – Pages 1&2 My School and My Teacher

Maths Booklet – Pages 1&2


My End of Year booklet – Pages 3&4 My Friends and What I Like about School

Maths Activity Booklet – Pages 3&4


My End of Year booklet – Pages 5&6 Next Year and School Holidays

Maths Activity  Booklet – Pages 5&6


Practical Activity – Recreate a famous Portrait – Use the photos sent through seesaw as a guide, to recreate a famous portrait from the past.  The children can dress up, strike a pose and have their picture taken.  We would love for you to send us the final result!


Go outside, play games, have fun and be safe!

Your child can continue to read throughout the summer months.  You may wish to share story books that you have at home.  Collins Big Cat E books will also be available until the 31st July.

Select My Class Login Button at the top of the screen

The children can continue to access education city to complete homework tasks.  All other activities can also be explored on the site by selecting subjects, choosing literacy or numeracy and then select P2. 

Continue with our numeracy songs- Days of the Week, months of the year, ways to make 10.

Count with them regularly

✔️forwards and backwards to 30 in 1’s & 2’s

✔️Up to 50 in 5’s

✔️Up to 100 in 10’s

✔️Doubles to 20

Please find below some useful links that can be accessed from home. These include learning games and activities that we use in school. For UK sites select Foundation stage or year 1. For US sites select Kindergarten.

Have a wonderful summer!

Mrs Hamilton & Mrs Houston