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St. Josephs Primary School, Antrim

Life in Primary 4!

22nd Nov 2016

Hi there!

We have all been super busy over the past few months! Here's a little snapshot of just some of our learning experiences so far! 

September-October Topic: 'The Five Senses'

Our first topic this year was 'Marvellous Me'. We had so much fun learning about our five senses and how our brain controls them. We created our very own iBooks on the iPad and PowerPoints about what we learning. In our P4 open area, we set up our very own 'Opticians'. It is very important to make sure that all of our senses are working properly. As a class, we went on a sound walk around the school, carried out a sound investigation and had a feely box activity to test all of our senses. During our class lessons, we explored the life of Louis Braille and Helen Keller. We watched video clips and listened to audio stories about what happened to them. We recounted important events in their lives and even studied the Braille alphabet. We know how important our senses are and we really enjoyed our first topic in P4.

European Day of Languages

What an amazing day this was! In P4, we were learning all about Poland and Slovakia. We were very fortunate to have so many of our classmates to tell us all about Poland. They were able to teach us some Polish words and we watched some learning clips about the Polish language. We even listened to some traditional Polish music and nursery rhymes! We were also very lucky as our Teaching Assistant Mrs Medved'ová was able to tell us all about Slovakia. We looked at beautiful pictures of places in Slovakia and explored all about the history of Slovakia. We even got to taste some lovely, homemade savoury Slovakian treats- thank you so much Mrs Medved'ová! The tasting session was definitely the best part! So many yummy treats from Poland and Slovakia! 

Harry Potter Super Learning Day

What a fun super learning day! We got into mixed groups of Primary 3 and 4 and participated in a range of different activities throughout the day! Make sure you check out some of our learning activities in the gallery- map making, problem solving and music making! 

Keep checking back on our page to see what we get up to in Primary 4!

Primary 4 and Miss Cooke :-)