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St. Josephs Primary School, Antrim

P1 Home Learning Week Beginning 30th March

27th Mar 2020

Week 2 


Phonics: Introduce sh’ and ‘thusing the activities suggested last week and complete the activities allocated on Education City.  

High Frequency Words: ‘big’ and ‘no’  

Reading: See Guided Reading books allocated through SeeSaw 

Handwriting: ‘t’ 

Additional activities to support this week’s literacy will be allocated on SeeSaw.  


Mental Maths: Counting forwards and backwards to 15 and play the missing number game allocated on Education City.  

Continue to practice adding my combining 2 sets of objects. You could this my choosing different colour of cars and driving them to ‘park’ in one area and counting the total ‘altogether’.  

Complete the numeracy workbook page and activity allocated on SeeSaw 

Time: complete the day and night sorting game on SeeSaw.  


Life Cycle of a butterfly. Watch a video of the life cycle for example  or and discuss the various stages. The book ‘A Very Hungry Caterpillar’ is also a lovely book to share. If you have some paint at home you might also like to make a paint blob butterfly by painting on one side of a piece of paper and folding it over to create a symmetrical pattern.