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St. Josephs Primary School, Antrim

P2 Home Learning 8th-12th June

4th Jun 2020

Week 11 Learning activities

Spellings – home, mole, boat, show, toast


Spelling Sheet – Please see Seesaw & complete in blue Literacy book

Phonics Booklet – One page

Numbers to 20 Booklet or addition booklets – 2 pages


Summer Comprehension – activity sent through seesaw

Phonics Booklet – One page

Introduction to area - Please watch the following online video clip

Encourage your child to measure surfaces at home such as tables, counter tops and books using paper squares or post its -  a selection of practical activities will be sent through seesaw.  These can be completed over 2 days.


High Frequency Words – your, into, our, them – write a sentence for each word – complete in blue Literacy book.

Phonics Booklet – One page

Continue with practical area activities


Design your own African mask - you can use junk materials to create your mask at home, or you can draw a mask in your books- see the pictures provided on seesaw

Shape, Space and Handling Data Booklet – 2 Pages


Practical task – Please see Seesaw –choose one practical activity to complete

Complete your Friday test

Numeracy – reading numbers using rods and cubes – activities sent through seesaw

Your child should complete their weekly reading as normal.  Books can be accessed from Please see Seesaw for your child’s weekly books.  They can be accessed by typing the name of the book into the search button. There are also follow up activities than can be completed

Select My Class Login Button at the top of the screen

Username mrshamilton

Password P2EH

Username mrshouston

Password mrshouston

The children can access education city to complete homework tasks.  The children can choose from Literacy and Numeracy activities. Login and password details will be provided through Seesaw, along with a guide on how to get started.  

Ask your child to teach you our numeracy songs- Days of the Week, months of the year, ways to make 10.

Count with them regularly

✔️forwards and backwards to 30 in 1’s & 2’s

✔️Up to 50 in 5’s

✔️Up to 100 in 10’s

✔️Doubles to 20

Please find below some useful links that can be accessed from home. These include learning games and activities that we use in school. For UK sites select Foundation stage or year 1. For US sites select Kindergarten.


If you are running low on literacy or numeracy booklets, there are new ones available to download on our class page of the school website.

Mrs Hamilton & Mrs Houston