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St. Josephs Primary School, Antrim

P4 Weekly Activities 15.5.20 πŸ˜ŠπŸ“š

12th Jun 2020

Hi Primary 4,

Welcome to Week 12 of learning at home- time really is flying by! Please stay in touch with us on SeeSaw- your photos and videos really do bring smiles to our faces! πŸ₯°


Spelling: Last week of spellings- Check SeeSaw. Try some spelling practice challenges this week!

Comprehension: Final page in Comprehension booklet!

Grammar: Revision task of some grammar concepts learnt this year- Check SeeSaw for tasks. Remember to check Education City for games/activities to help revise your grammar this week.

Writing: 'A Letter to My New Teacher'- Can you use the writing template to complete the letter for your new teacher next year. Write about what you enjoy, your talents & what you find difficult. Watch and listen to the clip below to help you write your letter! πŸ“πŸ‘ - 'How to Write a Friendly Letter' 


Revision Tasks: This week, we have set a few revision tasks on some of our key learning from this year. 

Place Value: Practise partitioning your numbers (breaking up into hundreds, tens & units) on the mathsbot website by using the counters to make a 3 digit or 2 digit number. - Place Value Interactive Counters

Addition/Subtraction: Complete the adding/subtracting calculations set on SeeSaw. Use your teacher's learning clip to help you remember the important steps πŸ˜€

Multiplication Tables: Practise your times tables using one of the games below- remember you can log onto Times Tables Rock-stars too! - 'Hit the Button' (one of our favourites!) - 'Archery Arithmetic'

World Around Us Topic 🌎 

This week we are learning about ENERGY! Energy is all about how things change and move. It is all around us and it takes many different forms. We need energy to work and move.

Have fun this week boys & girls, and we hope you share your favourite school memories with us through SeeSaw! 😁🌟

Take care,

P4 Team