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St. Josephs Primary School, Antrim

P4 Weekly Activities 30.3.20 😊

27th Mar 2020

Hi Primary 4!

We miss you all so much but we hope you are all doing well & staying safe. 😊

βœ” You will have your weekly planner for this week in your pack from school. We will upload it here for you & to your class SeeSaw page as a reminder. 

βœ” Please look at the documents below as we have included some useful resources to help with your Literacy & Numeracy tasks this week. You can have a look through the PowerPoints to help with your understanding of 'Conjunctions' (Literacy work) and 'Compass Points' (Numeracy). We have also added some game websites & interactive video links:

1. 'Conjunctions': They are joining words that link together parts of a sentence. Use the BBC Bitesize learning website to read, watch & learn all about them.Then have a go at the game!πŸ‘ (BBC Bitesize Learning Website) (Conjunction Sentence Game)

2. 'Position/Direction': Last week, you worked on following direction clues and using simple words to describe position (up, down, foward, left, right, between, above). This week, you will see we are looking at using the 4 compass points to describe the positions of different objects. We have some silly rhymes you can use to remember the order of the compass points, North, East, South & West- Never Eat Shredded Wheat/ Never Eat Slimy Worms/ Nelly Elephant Squirts Water. Can you make up your own silly rhyme to help you remember? 😊.Use the website links below to help you learn more: ('Supermovers' dance with a hip hop granny to get you learning directional language😁) (Compass Points- can you follow the directions and click on the square you will land on? Great practice for all!)

3. 'Multiplication Practice': We know you are busy continuing to learn your number facts at home. This might include your times tables (x1, x2, x4, x5, x10). Keep working on your 'Primary 4 Times Tables' book or 'Counting in 2's' work this week. If you have already finished your booklet, please check/contact your class teacher as we have some extra challenges to keep you busy and learning your number facts!!πŸ˜πŸ‘. Here are some useful links this week for number fact revision: (A fab game for quick recall of number bonds to 10, doubles, or any times tables chosen! Play against a family member for more competition!! You can beat them P4!!😁😎) (Lots of fun Times Tables games for you to choose from!) (A NEW WEBSITE for P4!! We have signed you all up for 'Times Tables Rockstars' which some of you may have heard from. A note went home in your pack so have a look and see if you can get logged on!πŸ‘)

Don't forget!βœ”

Remember, we have set up Education City accounts for you all to access games, interactive video clips & songs to help each week with their learning. Try to access this at home. We can see your scores & how you are getting on too! πŸ‘


βœ” If you are exploring our World War II topic this week, make sure you visit the BBC website to see what a real air raid siren sounded like! Remember to send us your pictures and upload work to your SeeSaw page. We love seeing what you are getting up to!😁

Remember to have breaks & take part in lots of fun activities too- drawing, painting, cosy reading time, baking or even having a good dance off!! 

Stay in touch with your Class SeeSaw account P4 😁😁

Take care,

P4 Team