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St. Josephs Primary School, Antrim

People who help us

2nd Feb 2016
People who help us

This term our topic has been about people who help us.  We found out about the Postman and how he helps us by delivering our mail.  We set up our open area for play using this theme.  In our Home corner we have a post office.  At our writing table we have stamps, envelopes, writing paper and all the things we need to write a letter.  We also have an area for wrapping parcels to take to the post office. 

We also have a construction area where we pretend to be builders building houses.  We have lots of dressing up costumes - Police Officers, Fire Fighter and Post Office Workers.  We have lots of fun during play in our open area and we have also learned a lot about what people who help us do.  We know how to weigh parcels, pay for stamps, copy our address correctly, wrap a parcel and lots more.  Have a look at some of our pics.