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St. Josephs Primary School, Antrim

Primary 1 Home Learning Week 5

24th Apr 2020

Week 5  


Phonics: Introduce ‘er’ and ‘ar ’ using the activities suggested on P1 school website page and complete the activities allocated on Education City. 


High Frequency Words: ‘play’ ‘yes’ 


Reading: See GR books allocated through SeeSaw 


Handwriting: ‘y’  


Onset and rime – at words. See activity on SeeSaw. 


Mental maths: counting forwards and backward to and from 15. 

Ask your child to write down the number that you call out e.g. show me number 2, child will write down 2.  


Continue to practice adding by combining 2 sets of objects. This week focus on flipping a partition e.g. 2+3=5 and 3+2=5. 

If you have 2 dice play a game, rolling 2 dice and record twin facts. 


Complete the numeracy workbook page and activity allocated on SeeSaw. 



Make a list of things that your child already knows about pirates as well as anything they would like to find out about them.  


Look at the ‘Pirate School’ PowerPoint presentation on our class webpage and create pirate names for you and your family. You might like to dress up as pirates or create a pirate family poster showing your pirate names. We would love you to share this with us on SeeSaw.  


Use the ‘Learn to Talk Like a Pirate’ PowerPoint presentation to practise some pirate phrases. 

Grow in Love 

Log on to the Grow in Love website: 


Password: growinlove 

Select P1. Go to Theme: 7 ‘The Church’.  

Watch video: ‘The Church a place to pray’. Have a chat with your child about times they have been in the Church e.g. for Mass, or sacraments such as Baptisms, Marriages, Communions and Confessions. Discuss what we do in the Church and what we see around us.  

Listen to and join in with the song: ‘The Church’.  


Complete the art activity ‘Prayer Hands’, take a photo of it and put it on your Seesaw journal for all of the boys and girls in your class to see it.  


Learn to talk like a Pirate (24th Apr 2020) View download document
Pirate School (24th Apr 2020) View download document