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St. Josephs Primary School, Antrim

Update for Parents/Carers

16th Dec 2019

Dear Parents /Carers,

To keep you informed, we had a break-in on Saturday night. The cabling for our electrics, computer systems, phones, CCTV and alarms has been cut. The Education Authority have been brilliant in working to repair the damage. They have managed to get some lights on in P1 and the office and have been able to get the canteen up and running. However, the new cable required for the rest of the school will not arrive until tomorrow and the electrical team will need a couple of days to connect us. As a result, we have been told the earliest we can open is Friday.

This is as disappointing for us, as it is for you but we will not let these people ruin Christmas for our children. The Carol Service will take place as planned in the church at 7PM Tuesday 17th December (staff will ensure all instruments/costumes in school are brought over to the church for the children who should be there for 6:40PM.)

We will also be able to run our Big Christmas Breakfast on Wednesday morning in the canteen from 8 to 10AM. Unfortunately we cannot keep children after this time.

We are also in contact with the school nursing service regarding the flu vaccine which was to happen on Wednesday. When arrangements are confirmed, we will update you via text.

We would greatly appreciate your support and attendance at these Christmas events and also welcome anybody in the community to come along to support us. It is an important time to pull together as a school community and to give our children the best experiences for this special season.

We look forward to seeing you all then and thank you for your kind messages of support at this difficult time.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Treacy