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St. Josephs Primary School, Antrim

Welcome to Primary 3.

6th Oct 2015
Welcome to Primary 3.

Our first topic in Primary 3 is ‘Toys’. We have created a wonderful toy shop in our open area and we enjoy buying toys during play. We have been learning about different toys and the materials that are used to make them. We loved looking at the similarities and differences between old and new toys. We created some wonderful compare and contrasts based on old and new yo-yo’s, teddies and spinners. Have a look at the picture below; can you think how they are the same and how they are different?

We have been working so hard in class and on our homework. We created some wonderful learning logs based on how toys have changed. We learned that our parents and grandparents played with different toys. We even learned to play ‘Jacks’ and ‘Pick-up sticks’.