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St. Josephs Primary School, Antrim

Mrs Kearney P7 task resources 20th April 2020

18th Apr 2020



Group 1 and 2 - spelling challenges activities 

Group 3 - spelling worksheet ie (and spelling challenges)

Comprehension - Earthquakes

Roald Dahl P7-8 (answers P9)

David Walliams P4-5 (answers P6)

J.K. Rowling P1-2 (answers P3)

Grammar - mnemonics 

Watch powerpoint

All groups - see worksheet attached


Problem solving

Cuboids/Spheres - All change

Pyramids - Pentominoes 

Number - Equations

Watch powerpoint on solving equations

All groups - complete worksheets days 1 and 2

Topic - data collection

Watch video 

All groups - see worksheets attached

World Around Us

Fairtrade thinking hats worksheet


Read bible extract 'Jesus chooses his apostles'

Complete 'follow in his footsteps' activity