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St. Josephs Primary School, Antrim

P7 Mrs Kearney task resources 30th March 2020

27th Mar 2020


Comprehension - Fidget Spinners

Roald Dahl - P12-15 (answers P16)

David Walliams - P6-9 (answers P10)

J.K. Rowling - P1-3 (answers P4)



Group 1 and 2 - Worksheet 'ery/ary/ory'

Group 3 - Worksheet 'ea words'



Watch video on word origins

Roald Dahl - Word origins worksheet

David Walliams - Word origins worksheet

J.K. Rowling - Word origins worksheet




Dividing decimals - watch video  

Watch decimal division Powerpoint on this class website page

Cuboids - Worksheets 1 and 2

Spheres - Worksheets 1 and 2

Pyramids - Worksheets 1 and 2

Numeracy topic

Identify parallel and perpendicular lines 

Watch Powerpoint on this website page

Cuboids - Parallel and perpendicular lines worksheet

Spheres - Parallel and perpendicular lines worksheet

Pyramids - Parallel and perpendicular lines worksheet


Problem solving 

Visual diagram puzzles

Cuboids and spheres - pond borders

Pyramids - take 10 cards


World Around Us

Watch ‘Bean to Bar’ PowerPoint in the task resources section of this page

In your topic books, draw and label, with explanations, a flow chart showing the journey of chocolate from cocoa bean to bar of chocolate. 

Complete the Chocolate Survey