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St. Josephs Primary School, Antrim

P7 Mrs Kearney task resources 4th May 2020

1st May 2020



Group 1 and 2 - spelling challenges activities

Group 3 - spelling worksheet ei (and spelling challenges)

Comprehension - Fire Drills

Roald Dahl P9-12 (answers P13)

David Walliams P5-7 (answers P8)

J.K. Rowling P1-3 (answers P4)

Grammar - Metaphors

Watch powerpoint

All groups - see worksheet attached


Number - Long multiplication

Watch video

All groups - complete worksheets days 1 and 2

Topic - parts of a circle

Watch videos:

Cuboids/Spheres: worksheets 1 and 2

Pyramids: worksheet 1

World Around Us

Create a cover page for our new topic 'Bridges'

Complete the K and W parts of your KWL

Complete mind map 'why do we need bridges?'


Watch powerpoint about Mary and the month of May

Try to create your own May Altar at home and send me some photos!

Create a portrait of Mary in your Religion book or on a blank page and send them to me!

(Optional: Mary stained glass window art)